This Used to be a Candle?!

As some of you may know, I just started a new job. As I was talking to my cousin about how to decorate my desk, she pointed out that the candle I was burning was in a pretty dish. She had the amazing idea to turn it into a little flower pot for my desk.

These are the steps I took to achieve this unique flower pot.

1. Freeze the remains of your candle, clean it out, and fill the bottom with small rocks

2. Place potting soil and your choice of flowers in the new flower pot (jar that used to be a candle). I chose to do 4 small succulents.

3. Arrange and plant the flowers how you like

4. Finally, add extra touches to the flowers as you choose. This is not necessary, it just adds to the look. I put some of the small rocks around the sparse areas. I also glued a piece of wood to the bottom of my candle jar.

And there you have it. An easy, affordable, summer project.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite summer projects are!

Until next time..




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