Achieving Your Best Hair Day

My hair tends to fall flat, whether it is clean or dirty. No matter what I did to it, I was never able to get the volume I wanted. That is, until I found The Ouai.

I spend most of my mornings searching Youtube for beauty videos, and I ran up on some reviews of the best hair products I’ve ever purchased.

Full disclosure, I’m a major sucker for a good product. I can easily be talked into making beauty purchases, but these products are no joke.

Soft Mousse

The Ouai Soft Mousse is the newest addition to my hair collection, but it is probably my number one at this point. I’ve had this product for around a month, and I can’t see myself doing my hair without it anymore.

When my hair is wet, I scrunch this mousse into my roots before blowdrying.

THIS… I’m telling you, if you have trouble with your roots falling flat, or even if you just want that extra VA-VA-VOOM, this product is for you.

Click this link to see the Youtube video that sold me on this product:

Volume Spray

Wave Spray

These two products pair so well with the Soft Mousse. Before using the Mousse, I spray my hair with both of these, and it gives that extra volume I’m always looking for.


The Ouai Memory Mist keeps your curls in lockdown. I spray this before styling my hair to insure that my curly hair doesn’t turn in to straight hair by the end of the day!

My final product for a voluminous hair day is dry shampoo foam. This stuff is super different from regular dry shampoo. It can even be a little scary for the first use due to the fact that you might not know what’s going to happen, but it’s so worth it. This product gives so much volume and life to the hair. When it’s worked in, not only is it reviving, but it is also so great for adding volume.


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